Episode Two

Episode 2

Episode two will be released on December 4th. This episode will discuss new Marvel release Thor Ragnarok staring Chris Hemsworth as Thor. If you would like to know a bit about what your co hosts like then listen to our first episode which can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud. Episode two also sees the introduction of our Flashback Film Club where we discuss at the end of each pod what you the listeners want to hear. This can be a film, director, genre etc.

To contact us you can email us on showmethepodcast@gmail.com or follow us on instagram @showmethepodcast , twitter @smtpcast and facebook Show Me The Podcast. Drop us a line with any requests or questions.

Episode One – Top 5 Films



Welcome to our blog where you can find out all about our new exciting film podcast. Episode one gave an insight in to what your co hosts Harrie and Lorraine love to watch. We are ex film studies students who have a love for film and a love for talking about it. Like us we hope you all enjoy listening to podcasts, Harrie loves to listen on her commute to work where I love to listen while preparing a meal. Come and join us for some thoughtful film chat and drop us a line to let us know what you’d like to hear and we’d be happy to discuss.

So go ahead and click the link below.

You can also visit us on twitter @smtpcast , Instagram @showmethepodcast , facebook @Show Me The Podcast , Pinterest @Show Me The Podcastor email us at showmethepodcast@gmail.com

Stay tuned for our second podcast being recorded on November 11th. Film topic will come from the Marvel Comics franchise, Thor: Ragnarok.